I came to painting by way of poetry.  In the process of writing and editing poems I became so  absorbed by language, I felt I needed to ground myself and  picked up the brush.  Everything I learned about the process of writing pertains also to painting and collage. Writing itself  becomes the subject of the work in my “Handwriting”  series.

In the collages, recycled images from past paintings and drawings, lines of a poem and passages of music reappear in a different setting, a new context.  Hopefully the more you look, the more you will see.  Just as with people, things are often more than they appear to be.


Our lives consist of myriad pockets of influences.  We want to simplify but life is complex.  Collage, for me, addresses the complexity.  The bits and pieces  are beautiful in their smallness and their wholeness.

The layers suggest a passage of time, sometimes years, sometimes moments. Though some early stages of a painting might be more random, the final layers that show are left for a reason.  The images are all related: they are connected in my mind, in my painted poem.


Artist’s Statement